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Okay, so I guess I've got enough of this down now to release it into the wild. I don't really like advertising unfinished fics in case performance anxiety makes me stall, but at the same time this is long, and provoking a lot of Intense Writer Feels in the process, and basically I'd like people to know what I'm working on.

So here you go, if you're curious: How She Has Burned, my Armitage III fic in progress. (You can also find the rest of my fics, or at least a subset, at [ profile] execharmonious, FTR.)

10203 words so far, lots of machine empathy, species issues, religious and moral dithering, and generally the things that characterise my work. Oh, but since it's Armitage, also lots of bloodshed, swearing, death, and dancing on the brink of the Moral Event Horizon in little tap shoes, if those things bother you.

I'm not sure how well it stands alone, independent of the show: a lot of references and people are taken for granted. If you're planning to watch the series, you might want to do that first.


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