Jan. 30th, 2013

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(Sorry, I might be a little excited that I finally got this out the door.)

How She Has Burned is finished! 13,000 words all in. Lots of robotfeels dissection, questionable morality, and all that good stuff.

I'm also working on the immediate sequel (as in, the two can be read back-to-back with no gap at all), workingly titled Is God A Machine? Workingly, because long plotty stories always meander wildly for me and never end up going in the direction I planned, so I'm not even sure if the title will be relevant by the end. 4,300 words down so far.

I'm pretty happy with these fics at the moment: I'm enjoying taking a lot of the questions that got superficially asked in the series (and get superficially asked in cyberpunk in general), and delving into their consequences more thoroughly.

Oh, and point of interest: writing this series is making me extremely happy that I watched the dub so often as a teen. There's a lot I dislike about dubs, sure, but one of the advantages-- for me anyway-- to having them is that I get the characters' speech patterns down in my head a lot more easily. As a result, I feel this is one of my few fics where I succeeded in making everyone speak like themselves. I don't think I'd be as good at keeping minor characters like Randolph consistent if I didn't have such a strong mental image (mental sound? mental .wav file?) of how he talks.


monsterboy: The face of a stylised plush blue dragon, with white horns and eyes. (Default)
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