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Just a little fanmix I put together for the (recently-wrapped-up) main scenario of the Espera RP-- aka "the War of the Magi-era FFVI prequel game", if you weren't aware of it.

Mostly putting this here so I can link to it on Tumblr, but feel free to have at it if the relationship between summoners and summons is something that interests you, since that's mostly what it's about.

Download at Mediafire

Balligomingo - Falling
The pilgrims to the Espers, in general.

Open my heart
Open my heart and mind
Let you embrace me
Dawn is waking
A new day rising
Sunlight touching my skin

And I want to be strong
'Cause I want you in my life
Feels like I'm floating through open air
Your flames seeping through me

Shearwater - Leviathan, Bound
Leviathan (obviously).

The silver shoals
of the light in the deep
brush the glittering skein
where the great, dark body writhes
and the trembling jaw
the unfathoming sounds
of Leviathan, bound
and his heart, though weakening
still is racing
still is racing, all alone

You are racing,
you are racing,

Bat For Lashes - Wilderness
The pilgrimage.

I took my lanes to the sea
We had just pressed the shells into our bones
And we saw the queen in the sky
Gently revealing the treasures of her crowns
Took off all of our armour
Every last single drop of gold
And we banished the land
Lifted our bodies right up into the cold

Winterpills - I Bear Witness
The pilgrims to the Espers, in general.

I bear witness to
All the shapes that grow inside of you
But will you bear witness
Will you bear witness to me?

All of this is just a dream you are trying to remember
All your bliss and pain are listed in the dying of an ember

Deas Vail - White Lights

She's got white lights on her face
From the bad days
That she just can't erase
And her sad eyes are replaced
With the new life in a beautiful place

Now she's forgiven the harms of her past
She'll take a message somewhere it will last
She fails where she fails but she's trying
And growing up fast

Oh Land - Namazu

Each move I make
The ground will shake
I am the Namazu
I cause the fire
Flaming higher
I am the Namazu

D.A.D. - I Am The River
Leviathan, again.

Yeah, the sound is almost human
A spirit that walks
Sleeps and talks
No explanation
For your fantasy
I'm one of those
And I'm not afraid
I desert each time I reach humanity
I am the river slowly to the sea

Rishloo - Katsushika
The Espers.

Just below the waterline I see
Just below the waterline I lay
Below the surface I believe there is a place of love and wonder
Where all we are and dare to be is fearlessly discovered
Wrapped within the motion of the unrelenting struggle
Oh, this sinking feeling seeing everything in double
Oh, what beautiful monsters
You're all beautiful monsters
You're all beautiful...

My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy

Inside a boy
I found a universe
And in his eyes
Are a thousand stars
On a dark sky

We are clouds
We are whispers
Like fauns and shapeshifters
Our edges can never be found out
No, our edges keep moving further out

Warpaint - Elephants
The Espers to the pilgrims.

In the dark we are waiting for you
With your dying need for their attention
Hold on tight now, we won't let you fall

Magnum - Soldier of the Line (Acoustic)
Cere and his trial at Mt. Ordeals.

Soldier of the line, would you kill me?
There's something in your eyes stopping you, see
They're cloudy and you turn your head away
What's that rolling down your face, are you okay?

You're in a murderous playground
War games on a castle wall
You're in a murderous playground
Crossed out if you dare to fall

Great Lake Swimmers - There Is A Light
Cere's trial, again.

Put all your weapons away
I won't fight you just to spite you
Put all your weapons away,
And your mask, it's failing anyway,
Falling away

And if love is a war,
I won't have any more
If this is what we call a war,
I won't have it anymore

Mirah - The World Is Falling
The retreat.

But from here we crouch and watch the plunder
Of the world we built with sweat and love
Why were you not built for wonder?
Why will you never get enough?
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